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Move With Mia a body positive and radically inclusive fitness community. Fitness is for everybody. No, really. Everybody. We work to get strong. We work to remind ourselves of our power. We work to liberate ourselves. We work to be in community with like minded folks of any and all genders. 



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Take class at your pace, whenever you have the time and energy to do so. Morning or night, it’s on demand! Choose a class type, choose a length and get started. Gain access to my On-Demand videos when you purchase a monthly subscription. Want to try a class before you commit? Choose from any of my A La Carte videos for just $5.



  • 15+ on- demand videos are available for you to do on your schedule! 
  • 2+ new videos per week, monthly events
  • bonus offers for members

For the sponsorship price of $50 you purchase a monthly membership for yourself as well as a membership for a person of the  BIPOC community who cannot afford to purchase a membership at this time. Our community is full of all types of folks from all types of backgrounds and I believe everybody should have access to bodily health and connection with their body!

If you’re a member of the BIPOC community you can apply by clicking this link!

Yes hunny, of course I do! Although I am not offering training in person at this time due to COVID precautions, I am offering virtual training sessions.

Here are my Personal Training Rates:

$75/ per session, 45 min long

$110/ per session, 60 min long

You don’t *need* equipment, but sometimes I use bands, sliders, light weights and/or heavy weights. You can also use things you might find in your home like paper plates or tupperware lids to replace sliders, and cans of food to replace weights.